About NKUT


Educational Philosophy


Our school dedicates itself to train our graduates to attain rich cultivation: realization, innovation, comprehensiveness, and harmonization, also known as our benchmarks. Therefore, with the four cultivations, students need to acquire IEEE, certificates of information, English, expertise, and ethics, in order to graduate.

• RealizationThis benchmark reflects the working attitude of the technicians. It is anticipated that our students are able to manage practical operation and at the same time upgrade their ability.

• Innovation: This benchmark specifies our graduates’ability to pursue and update information in their professional fields.

• ComprehensivenessThis benchmark anticipates our students to be able to communicate in the global village in the international language.

• HarmonizationThis benchmark inspires all students to pay attention to the traditional moral and ethic teaching. It is also hoped that technology application and morality can be combined together harmoniously.

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