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Special Feature: Gerontechnology and Service Management


• The Graduate School of Gerontechnology and Service Management in Nan Kai University of Technology, also the first graduate school of this field in Taiwan, was established in 2006. Both the Colleges of Engineering and Electrical and Computer Science dedicate themselves to the research and development of gerontechnology while the College of Business Management devotes itself to the integration of management modules and care service systems. Hence, all graduates are equipped with professional know-how and caring benevolence.

• Recently, our school has succeeded in the field of gerontechnogy including “Nan Kai No. 1”, a car designed exclusively for the elderly; walking-assisted equipment; elevator-assisted equipment; a multi-changing walking cane; an intelligent urine bag, and many other inventions that have acquired patents domestically and internationally.

• In addition, the Distant Home Telehealth system has been conditionally launched in Chu San Township, Nantou County. In the near future, this Telehealth system will be expanded to more townships in Lu Ku Township to benefit more elderly people to gain better medical and care service.

• Additionally, the Telecare house in our school gathers all the school’s invented products to exhibit the result of our research effort. The exhibition also provides various intelligent samples to the elderly people in the community of our school to accommodate their lives accordingly. Significantly, in order to reinforce the research mechanism in the field of gerontechnology, Nan Kai University of Technology has applied to the Ministry of Education to establish the undergraduate Department of Gerontechnology and Service Management in 2010. Hopefully, the goal of integrating resources among departments and graduate schools can be reached.


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