About NKUT


Campus Environment

Nan-Kai University of Technology is located in Tsao Tuen Township, Nantou County, and it is beside Taichung-Tan Tzu Highway. The campus is about 9.4 hectares. The green meadow provides the best learning environment for our students.

Our school has now accomplished the entire campus planning including two-hundred-meter PU athletic field, 6 modern basketball, and volleyball courts, 3 rebuilt buildings. The Teaching Building is about 3,606 pings, the Administration Building is about 2,166 pings, and the Engineering Building is about 5,373 pins, totally 11,145 pings altogether. The spacious environment provides enough space for research, teaching, and artistic activities. More importantly, it also meets the need of the mid-and-long-distance planning of our school in the future.

In order to meet the need of and upgrade the campus life, the Integrated Student Activity Center and Dormitory was launched in 2001. The measure of area is around 3,500 pings. It has the pleasurable and recreational functions. Moreover, it contains 882 lodging beds for students who come from far distance.

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