• Decorative imageDormitory

    If February 2004,the brand-new, multi-functional dormitory was opened; it contains facilities such as recreation areas, a bookstore, and cafeterias.

  • Decorative imageStudents Activities

    Students Activities The school focuses on various programs of student development. Students can obtain experience through participation in a variet...

  • Decorative imageResearch & Development

    Research & Development Objectives In order to cope with the requirements of the professional education, the Office of R&D has been dedic...

  • Decorative imageStudent Grants, Bursaries

    Student Grants, Bursaries & Scholarships NKUT offers financial aid to high achievers and assists low – income students so that they can com...

  • Decorative imageLibrary

    Nan Kai University of Technology Nein Hsien Memorial Library © All RIGHTS RESERVED, Please see Terms of use Tel:(049)2563489#1336  Fa...

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