Students Activities

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Students Activities

 The school runs a variety of programs focused on student development. Students can obtain experience through participation in extra-curricular activities such as clubs and student associations.

1.  NTD 7.000.000 has been spent on a building for the clubs.

2.  Students are encouraged to propose and create clubs based on their interests.

3.  All kinds of major activities (such as the freshman concert) are hosted anticipating  

     the participation of the entire school community.

4.  Summer and winter camps are offered for the training and enjoyment of all students.

5.  Services for the elderly and children are provided by a number of the clubs.

 The school aims to promote and uphold good student behavior and values, instill students with respect for others, and help them cultivate practical, innovative, knowledgeable and well-rounded characters.

1. From 2004, the school aims to offer teaching, discipline, assistance, and generic knowledge.

2. Since 2005 the school has endeavored to engage in community service, and has improved the relationship between the school and the community.

3. The school features an “e-system” to maintain communication between faculties and parents in order to help students complete their courses.

4. Since 2005, the school has provided a high-standard hall of residence for students living at a distance from the school grounds. Instructors periodically visit these off-campus accommodations to provide necessary support to the students.

5. The school offers labor education to instill in students an attitude of devotion to work and good service. 

6. Regarding delinquency, the school offers counseling and guidance to students in need.

7. The school has developed a student committee and provides training to its appointees.

8. The health center offers physical and psychological counseling and provides a variety of examination services. 

9. At lunch-time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the health center offers free medical counseling, health insurance information and assistance with medical applications.

10. The school gathers health service volunteers to perform community service, including visits to the elderly and to underprivileged children.

11. Students are assisted in discovering their abilities in order to adapt well and realize their potential. 

12. Counseling: Services provided include individual and group counseling, psychological tests and instruction, mental health programs, and books and magazines for student use.


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