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Student Grants, Bursaries & Scholarships

NKUT offers financial aid to high achievers and assists low – income students so that they can complete their studies. Each semester 3 to 5% of total school income (approx. NTD35,000,000 in 2008) will be distributed as below:


  1. Students with good academic records(the top three in each class)
  2. Competition winners: national and local, groups or individuals
  3. Certificate scholarships: students obtaining B-level & C-level certificates
  4. Entrance examination scholarships
  5. International exchange: international skill certificates, English proficiency tests, international English tests, studying abroad ,student exchange, foreign student scholarships
  6. Community scholarships:28 community organizations, including those for aboriginal students (a total sum of NTD 350,000)

Student Grants

  1. Students whose annual family income is below NTD 700,000 p.a. are eligible to receive NTD 10,000 – NTD33,000 per year
  2. Free dormitory spaces for those from low-income backgrounds
  3. In case of accidents, family tragedies or natural disaster, affected students are eligible to receive NTD 10,000 – NTD 30,000

Bursary Fund

  1. Students may apply for part-time jobs on campus
  2. Students from low-income families may apply to perform community service for the elderly for which they will receive funds

Article l

The Regulation, based on the Scholarship for International Students regulations announced by Ministry of Education (MOE),R.O.C is adopted for the purpose of encouraging foreign students to study at the departments in NKUT. 

Article ll

The quota of scholarship recipients covers all the international students in NKUT except those who extend their regular program.

Article lll

The semester scholarships cover half amount of tuition and free housing and are renewable for up to an academic year. International scholars will be required to complete International Students Honor Requirements which are evaluated by the related committee.

Article lV

Applicants are all fulltime international students at NKUT and freshmen are available for the scholarship. The recipients of sophomore and above are required to maintain at least a 3.5 (75) cumulative GPA on coursework completed at NKUT. 

Article V

Date for application is before admission date in July.

Article Vl

Applicants must submit the application from. GPA records and recommendation letters from instructors are required for the sophomore and above.

Article Vll

Results for Application are announced after the admission and before July 31st.For the sophomore and above application packets and application tips are available at international Affairs Office and also on-line at www.nkut.edu.tw.

Article Vlll

The International Exchange Committee will review all the applications and decide the final list of the scholarship.

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