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Traveling through different stages of development, we come to an age of rapid change. With multiple transformations of socio-economic conditions and value orientations, Nan Kai General Education Center puts forth more effort than ever to encourage our youth to participate in such a wonderful world.

We set “Realization, Innovation, Comprehensiveness and Harmonization” (R.I.C.H.)as the four learning benchmarks from which to cultivate the “RICH” students in this garden of education.

Realization is the prime virtue of all. Only pragmatic knowledge is real knowledge, and only real knowledge can make one zealous and curious about life.

Innovation is nothing but the process of overcoming oneself. It is not only a crucial aspect of survival in our rigidly competitive world, but it is also a kind of heroism: a means of overcoming any unnecessary or unsatisfied aspects of the status quo.

Comprehensiveness makes one both rich and humble. Comparative study has been proven to be the best way of learning, especially in such an information-intense world.

Harmonization is the core value of general education here.    General education is never limited to classroom lectures. It is the formation of a way of life. So we aim at “knowledge of life and fulfillment of virtue” as our basic education goal. About the learning process, we take “Six Art” structure of course as our objectives. (see curriculum) We believe that the soft power of general education is also helpful to students facing their career in the future.



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