Foreign Language Center

Mission Statement  

The mission of the Language Center is primarily to ensure that all students in NKUT are fully equipped with the professional know-how and vision to compete and stand out in the future job markets. At the NKUT Language Center, we offer both an academic curriculum as well as a wide variety of activities designed to meet the requirements of NKUT students.

We attempt to meet the goal of the mission by providing:

Innovative and creative classroom instruction 
Simulated English environment for cultural interchange 
Autonomous learning resources 
Testing services and consultation regarding test-related information

Activities Related to Teaching Excellence Plan: 
The NKUT Language Center administers various conversation programs, staffed by part-time English native speakers. Taking advantage of the Teaching Excellence Plan, the NKUT Language Center is dedicated to cultivating all graduates' English communicative skills and elevating their English proficiency.

Job title Name Phone Duties
Director Dr.
Yu-Ling Liu
049-2563489#2886 Adminisitering all policies concerning English learning in NKUT.
Assistant Yen-Di Hu 049-2563489#2887 General affairs

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