College of Engineering / R & D Center for Vehicle and Mechatronic Industry

Graduate School of Vehicular & Mechatronic Industry 

The research planning and the academic and enterprise cooperation are run by “The Research Center of Automobile and Mechatronic Industry Technology”. First, the space and equipment required by “The Research Center of Automobile Technology” is established. During the first stage, the analysis of power and pollution of our scooters and small-scale gasoline engine is conducted to operate in coordination with the development of EFI jet system for scooter engines, development of substitute fuel systems, and exhaust purifying system, to help manufacturers with the examination of engine purifying. At the same time, the center also helps the Medicine Technology Center to improve the development of “Walcabs” and to ameliorate the performance of the engine used in the fuel-saving contest. Then, inter-field programs such as Precision Engineering, Automobile Machine and Electricity, Creativity Designing, equipment for the development of robot machines, micro processing, and automatically controlled instruments are also established and installed. After research planning, Teachers are encouraged to transform their achievements into new knowledge for students to learn. On the other hand, teachers are also encouraged to apply a patent for their research achievement to reinforce the concept of Intellectual Property Rights and Patent.


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