About NKUT


Brief History

Nan-Kai Junior College was established in 1971 by Mr. Ku, Pu-Hsien, who foresaw the need for more skillful technicians created by the recent economic upturn. With this in mind, he dedicated himself to train students to acquire the capability of managing hands-on tasks and the intelligence to meet the need of industry.
In August, 1971, Nan Kai Junior College was given approval to recruit day school students to the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electronic Engineering.
In August, 1982, an Evening School of two-year programs was established. A Day School specializing in two-year programs was founded later in 1989.
In 1992 and 1993, the Departments of Information Management and Real Estate Management were added to the campus. At this time, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Nan-Kai Junior College was renamed Nan Kai Junior College of Technology and Commerce in August, 1993.
In 1999, suffering from the 921 earthquake, the faculty and staff members exerted much effort on resuming all classes in the straitened circumstances.
In May, 2001, a new school building including Administration, Engineering, and Teaching Building was constructed and put into use. In August of the same year Nan Kai Institute of Technology (NKIT) was accredited its new title by the Ministry of Education.
In August, 2003, while the Departments of Computer Science and Information Engineering and Computer and Communication Engineering were being added to the campus, the Department of Real Estate Management was renamed the Department of Business Administration. In the same year, approval for the Research and Development Center of Medical Technology was granted by the Ministry of Education. Due to its close link with the industry, this Center has become the leading organization regarding research of medical technology in central Taiwan.
In February, 2004, the new dormitory was launched. It is a multi-functional building including a recreational area, a bookstore, and a food court.
In August, 2004, the Division of Automation Engineering, derived from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Multimedia Design, were added to the campus.
In February, 2005, the Incubation Center was granted by the Ministry of Economics.
In August, 2005, the Department of Leisure Management and the Division of Design was derived from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and added. In addition, the College of Extension Education was also established, and started recruiting students for its two-year program. More importantly, the consensus, “Gerontechnology and Care Service of the Elderly”, was chosen to be the special feature of our school.
In September, 2005, our school administered the Multi-Dimensional Project for Student Development.
In July, 2006, our school signed the common cooperation agreement with Nantou County Government, Nantou City government, Nantou Township government, and Puli Township government.
In August, 2006, the Graduate School of Gerontechnology and Service Management and the Department of Cultural Business Development were added to the campus.
In August, 2007, the College of Adult Education was conditionally granted existence by the Ministry of Education. The Graduate School of Electric Engineering and Computer Science established later in the same year. 
In August, 2008, approval of establishing the Graduate School of Vehicle and Mechatronic Industry was granted by the Ministry of Education.

In August, 2008, our school was accredited by the Ministry of Education and thus renamed Nan Kai University of Technology.

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