Administration / Office of Research & Development

Dean’s Office
Dean of R & D: Dr. Chao-Lung Chiang

The Office of Research and Development (ORD) at Nan Kai University of Technology (NKUT) has been established as a platform among the enterprises, government agencies, and the university. The primary aim is to facilitate the interchange and collaboration of the high-end technology. In addition, it is dedicated to promote the research achievement made by the industries and NKUT. The ORD consists of the main office and four divisions including
(1) Division of Industry -Academy Cooperation Center
(2) Division of Innovative Incubation Center
(3) Division of Profession and Career Service

Division of Industry-Academy Cooperation Center (DIACC)
The DIACC is obligated to develop NKUT research capability with industrial trends to enhance the University's competitiveness and technology development.
The DIACC has two major functions including (a) providing services as a platform to the research achievements of the faculty and the enterprises, (b) improving the NKUT intellectual properties such as know-hows, patents, and trademarks.

Division of Innovative Incubation Center (DIIC) 
The Division of Innovative Incubator Center (DIIC) is designed to assist the new firms to establish and develop business. The DIIC offers services to assist entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized industries achieving growth and sustainability. Significantly, a win-win situation will be attained.

Division of Profession and Career Service (DPCS)
The Division of Profession and Career Service (DPCS) aims to respond with the national policies regarding the vocational training, internship and placement and, most importantly, to promote technical education. The DPCS provides occupational assistance, counseling, career advices, and employment-related services for the students at NKUT to be more competitive in the future job markets.

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