Administration / Physical Education Office

This office was officially governed under the Student’s Affairs of NKUT. However, this office was promoted as the Division 1 Unit based on the national policy which aims to enhance the college students to engage in doing exercises and participate in different kinds of sports activities as daily routine. The office is mainly devoted to design essential curricula for its students to attain skills and knowledge in physical education realm. In addition, the office aims to hold diverse sports activities to enhance it students and the residents nearby the NKUT campus to participate in diverse sports activities regularly. The office consists of three divisions (sections): Teaching & Researching, Activity Promotion, and Field & Facility Management.

Organization Overviews
The office consists of three divisions (sections): Teaching & Researching, Activity Promotion, and Field & Facility Management.
Teaching & Researching Section: This section holds the principle to service and to provide innovation. The purpose of this section is to provide a wide range of curricular and program for our students, so that students can cultivate the habit of doing exercises as daily routine. In addition, this section holds teaching technique and researching meetings regularly to promote the teaching skills and expertise for its faculty.  
Activity Section: This section is entrusted in providing diverse sports and recreational activities, as well as arranging intramural and extramural tournaments or events, training the varsity teams, guiding the students in holding sports activities and setting up Sports Skills Programs for staff and students
Field & Facility Management: this section is responsible for the development of sports facilities, sports venue planning, operations and management, handling of various sports venues’ borrowing and sports equipment regular maintenance. This section aims not only to serve the purpose of teaching and training of various sport skills, but also provide students, faculty, and staffs the environment for sports and recreational activities.

There are currently 11 full time and several part time teachers in this office. The full time faculty consists of two professors, seven associate professors, and two lectures. Each teacher with his/her expertise in different realms ensures our students to have more opportunities to achieve essential knowledge and skills in diverse sports and recreational activities.  

A two-hundred meter track, four basketball courts, four volleyball courts, three tennis courts, nine badminton courts, and a table tennis hall with 14 tables.

Sports Teams:
There currently are five sports teams which include track and field, basketball, judo, taekwondo, and Folk Sport. Students with expertise or interest in the various sports are welcomed to join the varsity teams. Most of these sports teams have joined several kinds of national or divisional competitive events annually and have achieved great honors and awards frequently.

Job title Name Phone E-mail Responsibilities
Vice Chair LIN YUAN-MING 1579 t048@nkut.edu.tw  
Coordinator of Competition Event Team SYU HONG-EN 1556 tpvc@nkut.edu.tw 1.Collection of sports related information
2.Planning for intercollegiate sporting competitions 
3.Athletes training programing 
4.Records, information, and data collection and maintenance
5.Planning and holding of intramural sporting competitions
Coordinator of Teaching & Research Team LYU YU-CING 3171 t047@nkut.edu.tw 1.PE courses arrangement and curriculum designing. 
2.Maintenance of computer system for PE courses 
3.Plaining for PE courses based on students’ interest
4.Course timetable, sports field arrangement
5.Course selection by manual operation 
6.Attending courses arrangement
7.Occasional errands
Coordinator of Teaching & Research Team LI JHENG-DAO 1556 t046@nkut.edu.tw 1.Courses program and outlines editing
2.Industry-Academy Cooperation project management
3.Programing and executing Teaching & Research Meeting
4.Students’ fitness consulting
5.Fitness testing and data analysis management
6. Special projects executing
7.Information collection of faculty research results, writing, conference, training, and others related to teaching performance. 
8.PE curriculum related regulations, rules, and working guidelines proposing
9.Elite athletes recruiting 
10. Occasional errands
Coordinator of Facilities& Equipment Team GUO JHIH-TENG 1555 t045@nkut.edu.tw 1.Stocktaking and applying for reimbursement. 
2.Facilities booking, equipment borrowing, and maintenance. 
3.Administration of sports field, esp. in usage and safety
4.Occasional errands
Assistant WANG SHUEH-LING 1552 joe@nkut.edu.tw 1.Official documents administration and archiving
2.Update of office's website
3.Information releasing
4.Supervision of student's part-time job in Physical Education Office
5.Financial management
6.Meeting minutes taking and recording
7.Data and information filling for National Educational Database Management System
8.Database management system maintenance for PE Section
9.Scholarships application
10.Tuition and fee waiver
11.Occasional errands
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